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The fireworks are done, the family's gone home, now what? Now it's time to pick some essentials for a good year. We have compiled a list of some products that will make you reminisce about the past, enjoy the present and prepare for the future. Here are the 12 essential items for a happy new year, one for each month of the year. 


JANUARY - Resolutions 

Read Pillow 



Read! It's a command! Read as if your bedspread is forcing you to. Renew your love for reading and books with this awesome pillow. During these winter months when you curl up with a good book don't forget to have this pillow to support you. Remember those books you've read and relished the ones you will read. 




FEBRUARY - Love Wishes


A true love story never ends Pillow



Much like Romeo & Juliet, a true love story never ends. We still teach this romantic story in school!  If you love the classics, reading romance novels or if you believe in the power of love, this pillow is for you! Sometimes we lack the courage to pick up a love story, but this pillow reminds us that romance novels always offer a happy ending, even if we have to come up with it ourselves. 




MARCH - Women's Day


We Should all be Feminists 



Celebrate Women's Day on March 8th with this book in hand. Drawing extensively on her own experiences and her deep understanding of the often masked realities of sexual politics, the author offers us a remarkable exploration of what it means to be a woman now. Adichie gives us the reasons, and a rallying cry at the same time, for why we should all be feminists.




APRIL - New Beginnings

Kings and Queens Tote Bag 



This tote bag is the perfect size to carry all your favorite books, your school supplies, and even your bullet journal. It will also be a nice reminder that books take us places where we can all pretend to be kings and queens, at least for a little while. As long as you don't take it too far in real life, you'll be alright ;) 




MAY - Spring Time

T-shirt Bee You 



Welcome Spring with this inspiring T-shirt! Don't forget to live well, do your best, dream new goals and just BELIEVE. This shirt is part of our Bee You collection created to inspire everyone to be whatever they want to be. So be it!  And don't forget to buy it along with a self-discovery book so your journey can be a real buzz. 




JUNE - Summer Loving

Phone Case Palm Beach 



Ready for some fun in the sun? We mean some reading by the beach, of course! Cover your phone with this nifty phone case! This item will make you feel like it's all about Palm Trees and 80 Degrees. The season might not last forever, but it doesn't hurt to extend it as much as possible. 




JULY - Patriotic

The Reunited States of America 



Need to renew your faith in the American Dream? This book is the solution. In this era of poisonous partisanship, The Reunited States of America is a lifesaving antidote. At a time when loyalty to party seems to be overpowering love of country, it not only explains how we can bridge the partisan divide but also tells the untold story of how our fellow citizens already are doing it. 




AUGUST - Back to School

Allie Goes Down the Rabbit Hole 



Celebrate back to school with this children's classic. Reimagined with a wondrous new cover, this book is essential to show off to your friends your new collection. You can match it with all the other items in our Wonderland Collection for maximum jealous effects. 




SEPTEMBER - Goodbye Summer

Flamingo Pouch 



Still feeling those summery vibes? Missing some fun in the sun? Then this pouch is perfect for you! It can be used as a makeup bag, a pencil case, or even to hold all your knick-knacks and mementos from summer. Reminisce about the good ole' summer days with this aesthetic pouch. 




OCTOBER - Halloween

Queen of Hearts Leggings



Are you a Disney's Parks regular? We got you covered! Still need a subtle costume this Halloween for school, work or a party? Then these leggings are for you! The queen of hearts leggings can be paired with a red shirt, a crown, and dashing makeup to make an unforgettable and easy costume. More importantly, unlike other costumes, these leggings can be used again and again! You can even accessorize with your favorite Alice in Wonderland book or with one of our Alice's t-shirts.  




NOVEMBER - Grateful

Thank You Cards 



So many things to be grateful, right? Life, smarts, passions, and people to give thanks to for letting you follow your dreams. Then get ready to practice your penmanship because there's not a better way to do it than with a hand-written note. Why not start with these beautiful thank you cards? Express your gratitude and give thanks to your loved ones every day. 




DECEMBER - Cozy Thrillers

Golden Plague 



Need a gift idea for a loved one? We got an out of the charts book for you! Golden Plague is a book that covers different interests. From love to suspense, this book has it all! Young people, adults, males, and females, are all well represented here. This thrilling book sheds light on the frailty of our existence by sculpting one of our biggest fears, contagion, into a visceral nightmare; a nightmare that originates in a place where we seek solace and safety: a hospital bed. You won't be able to put this book down!








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