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Submissions will be closed for the months of May thru August, so that we’re able to catch up on some reading. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and hope you’ll submit your work come September 1st.


Dear author:

As a general rule, we consider book submissions regardless of publication history or if you have an agent or not. We even accept books written in Spanish, since our intention is to promote authors from diverse backgrounds and with different perspectives. Our interests are fairly wide-ranging, although we tend to prefer clever books with a strong point of view. Books for Young Adults are our forte, but books submitted under this category will have to be fun to read, and at the same time will have to challenge our readers, make them think and question the status quo.  It will definitively have to narrate a theme young people can relate to with an underlying message that will make them try to be their best without patronizing them or giving a lecture on good behavior. Historical fiction will always find a home with us, as well as children’s books with a clear and uplifting message. Erotic romance novels are not our cup of tea, and we reject those at once. But if you have a well thought out romantic plot within an empowered women story that you think will melt our hearts, then we will definitely consider it. No science fiction, unless it has a social or moral message. Sorry, but we don’t have space for Monsters and Aliens, unless is in a children’s book...  We only publish a few books a year, so our decisions are sometimes based on what move us and excited us at the moment, so make sure your submission thrill us. 

If you are interested in having your manuscript considered for publication, send us first a proposal letter via e-mail to explaining your book idea for non-fiction or a plot summary for fiction. Include your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, and a brief biography of yourself. Also, please, let us know why you consider that Padmore Publishing is the best home for your book. On the email SUBJECT, please write the book title. 

We will try to give you an answer in a couple of weeks. If you haven’t received a response within six weeks, you can follow up by email. Please write on SUBJECT: Follow up to (book title). Complete, book-length manuscripts will not be accepted until your proposal has been approved. 


Thank you for considering us,

Padmore Publishing Group




Want to be a guest blogger?

Email us a list of at least three (3) article ideas and sent us the link to your blog or Goodreads reviews page at






Looking to submit art work?

Email us your portfolio in pdf format or sent us the link to your digital portfolio at





Note: These submission guidelines are for informational purposes only and do not constitute an official solicitation of materials. Padmore is not responsible for any loss or damage to submissions and submitted materials will not be returned. There is always the possibility that an idea similar to yours is already in development at Padmore, therefore you should know beforehand that your unsolicited submission serves as unequivocal acknowledgment that our company could have a similar idea, in which case no rights, compensation, or credit are due to you.  



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