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We welcome your comments and suggestions on our books, our products, and our website.  Feel free to contact us. We will love hearing from you!             
Editorial Department

For author submissions and content reproduction requests, including photocopies and publishing permissions, first see the instructions section and then send an email to:



To submit manuscripts and non-fiction books' proposals. Also to sent artist's portfolios. 


To reproduce blog articles, product descriptions, book passages, and others. 

Sales Department

For our books and products catalog and all order inquiries, please write on our contact form:  RETAIL CATALOGUE

For entire book translations and reprint rights, or for dramatic performance or film/television rights, please write on the contact form which kind of rights you are interested in.

Marketing Department

To request review copies, author information or/and press media kit.

Customer Service Department

Questions or comments about our books and products or about this website.



Unfortunately, we cannot put you in direct contact with our authors by giving you their phone, fax, address or email address, but there are other ways you can write to them, so look for their platforms in social media or author’s pages, and they will be glad to answer your questions. Or you can send us an email to with the author name in the SUBJECT and we will forward it to them. Please understand that it is up to each author to decide whether or not to answer any correspondence received in this matter. 



The easiest way to keep informed on what's going on. Add your email at the footer of our website, and we'll keep you posted!




Contact Information

Padmore Group

  • 11555 Coral Ridge Drive, Coral Springs FL 33076
  • PHONE: 954-794-9067
  • OPEN TIME: 9AM - 6PM



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