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Bullet journalling was created by Ryder Carroll and it's basically a notebook system which incorporates planning, organizing, list-making, doodling in an organized way.

The trick for a bullet journal is in the visual cues. 

It starts with a blank journal and a pen which is deceptively simple, but does the job probably better than other journals who in the long run don't serve your needs. The reason is that you customize it. It's as individualized as it can be. 


Choose a Journal 

You can choose:

SIZE:  Being A5 (5 x8) and pocket (3.5 x 5) the most populars.

COVER:  Hardcover bound or paperback


  • Lined Pages - Perfect to Annotate or Describe

  • Checklist - Ideal for To Do List and Tasks

  • Blank Pages - Favorite for Artistic Journaling

  • Square Grid - Preferred One To Organize Anything






Start with an Index 

The best thing about a bullet journal is that you organize it your way. Therefore, the Index does not have to be in consecutive order. What? Doesn't that defeat the purpose? No, because the purpose of the Index is achieved. It will tell you where to find your sections. You can simply write any new section that you need in the order that you think of them. There's no need to save pages or have empty sections like in other planners.

The Index can be as simple or fancy as you want, but what it has to be is a list of section titles and their corresponding page numbers so you can find them when you need it.  


Add a Legend 

The Legend will help you remember the symbols you have chosen to help you organize your journal. Remember that the secret is to be visual. Use squares, hearts, triangles, arrows, colors, or any other visual indicator to help you visualize quickly the status of your tasks. 



Map Out your Life

Monthly Calendars, Weekly Calendars, Tasks Lists, Books To Read, Movies to Watch, Shopping Lists, Exercise Goals... fill the pages with any lists you need.  Also save time to write your opinions, motivational quotes, ideas that inspire you, thoughts that you want to remember and descriptions of your day. In other words, journal your story. 


Decorate to your Heart's Desire 

You can be as creative as you wish. If you are artistic, use your skills, but you don't have to be creative. The important thing is that you are efficient with your design. 



"Once a Bullet Journal is full, it lives on your shelf with what will eventually become a lifetime of others, and you'll have the best bird's eye view of your life that no technology can match." - The Lazy Genius Collective 




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