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As a parent or a teacher, you know how hard sometimes is to explain to small kids how elections work and what is the president's job. If you have trouble explaining the elections, these five picture books will help. 



Duck for President by Doreen Cronin is probably the first book most teachers will mention when you ask for a picture book about elections. It’s a great book about a duck who overthrows his farmer and ends up moving up in politics until he is elected President. With each step on the political ladder Duck realizes that he doesn’t like the job and wants something better only to discover that with each move up the workload increases too. I love that that teaches readers that being a leader isn’t about being the bossy one but rather having the most responsibility - teacher Allison McDonald

This book is a perfect tool for the classroom and a great way to get kids thinking about how our government works. I love the fact that the author created a setting that kids could relate to (a school’s student council) and related it to something big and mystifying like our government. Plus, the overall message will inspire kids toward kindness, which is always a win. -  

In this picture book, Piven presents the characters and interests of 17 U.S. presidents in text and collage portraits that make use of small toys and objects. Hot-tempered Andrew Jackson has bullets for eyes, a boxing glove nose, and a mouth represented by a miniature rifle; William Howard Taft holds a rubber duck as he sits, clothed, in the White House bathtub; Ronald Regan, pictured with Bonzo, has facial features made from jellybeans.  This is sure to be in demand during the upcoming election season; it will also make a good read-aloud. - library media specialist Kay Weisman
This is a clever way to present information about four of the more well-known presidents kids learn about. The play gives various kids a chance to speak, with historical and personal facts about each individual. The illustrations show a lot of the activity, complementing the text well. The kids themselves are as precious as you'd expect young performers to be. Bright illustrations and well-constructed text quickly engage kids in this story that reinforces the history lessons they learn in school.- The Reading Tub

"This easy picture book provides a nice introductions to the presidency for primary-grade children…This is a rosy picture of a very stressful job, but youngsters will pick up some good general information, which teachers can use as a starting point in class and expand upon according to the age and ability of their students."―Booklist

This book is written from a child's perspective.... if I were the President I would... It goes through the main duties of a president in an interesting, clear way accompanied with nice illustrations. I loved that it explained in simple terms that the President does what he things is best (with help of cabinet..), but not everyone agrees. What a great first introduction for 4-8 year olds! - reviewer E. Gorden




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