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Are the long stay-in-place days driving you insane? Cooking non-stop makes you want to burn your kitchen down (hypothetically)? Staring at your work at home makes you sleepy? Boredom during the weekends makes you restless? Cuz SAME. We came up with this fun game to play during the moments you feel you might lose your mind. Hey, mental sanity is as important as physical health.

Winners Earn Points for Prizes


  • Each member of the household HAS to participate during “Hunt Hour”. Another excuse to spend quality time. 
  • Each accomplished task requires proof of the finished quest (pictures will do) 
  • Winner of the day will get a chance to pick which movie to watch on the next family movie night! Or choose what are they going to eat that night. Your family can decide the prizes before starting the hunts. 
  • Top point earner of the week will be exempt from chores for one day of their choice.

Find. That. Toilet. Paper.

One member hides the stockpile of toilet paper (ziplock bags for protection). If the remaining players find ALL the rolls in the previously established timeframe, they get ahead in the game; if they don’t the member that hid them wins points.

Speaker of the House

Find the LOUDEST speaker in the whole house. The winner gets the points. Bonus points if the whole team has a dance party while trying out every speaker!

Thank Brew Very Much!

Find the sweetest flavor of coffee (to be decided as a team). The person that volunteers to brew it, earns points.

Cook it or Lose it

Each person finds a new recipe with a canned item. Bonus points for the person whose recipe is chosen. Extra bonus points if everyone on the team likes it once it's cooked! The person that volunteers to cook earns points too.

Bored? Board Games!

Find all the board games in the house. Play all of them and keep track of every winner, as they win points of course!

Home Art Gallery

Find all the art supplies and gather them around the dinner table. Use materials to create drawings, paintings, washi tape creations, ANYTHING! Members vote on the best artwork to decide a winner! 

I Can be Your Hero!

Find books with inspiring heroes and read a chapter! Together or separate; extra points are awarded if additional chapters are read! 

Deep See Clean

Find all the tough cleaning spots and tackle them together! The person who tackles unwanted jobs will be awarded points! 

Just Do It!

Find those things thing you’ve been dreading to do for forever, or postponing for lack of time. Anything and everything counts! You get points for every task you tackle. If you are a functional productive member of society and don’t have any pending tasks, help another member of the team. This selflessness will earn you points also. 

Ready or Not, Here I Come!

Play a timed hide and seek. Find the members of your household! Time each seeker to see who finds everyone the fastest! The winner gets, you guessed it, POINTS! 

House of Cards

Find all the decks of cards you have around your house and build the most amazing house of cards ever! The person who knocks it over loses points!  

Family Fort

Photo credit: © / belchonock

Find all the blankets in the house and create the biggest fort you can! Points for each person who reads a book aloud to everyone else while lying under the tent.

Points Just For Participating

Puzzle Me This

Photo credit: The Oklahoman

Find the biggest puzzle, set it up around the house and build it over the next couple of days.

OG Organizing!

Photo credit: Awaken

Find areas that have gotten messy since last organized. They should be arranged how they were originally supposed to be.

Timeless Timeline

Find old pictures of loved ones and organize them by date! Work together! BONUS- use the pictures to create a family tree.

Caution - Adults Only Quest Ahead!!!

Let the Fun be Gin

Find all the alcohol in the house, it could be vodka, tequila, or gin, and learn how to make a drink with each type. If you are lazy, then just open a bottle of wine. 

Prizes can be intangible or tangible 

In addition to intangible prizes, you can order cool gifts to give to your kids or any other family members for participating! Every winner needs a trophy!   Here are some suggestions. 

Cheshire Cat Girl Tshirt
Cheshire Cat Phone Case
Cheshire Cat Tote bag
Dear Moon Pillows
Dear Moon Wall Art
Free Bird Art Print
Free Bird Tshirt
Floral Flamingo Tshirt

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