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A new establishment has joined the fight to help rebuild Puerto Rico! This time it's none other than the Library of Congress.

The first Puerto Rico Center for the Book will be established in 2019 as the 53rdaffiliate center of the Library of Congress. It is a joined effort by the University of Puerto Rico Graduate School of Information Sciences and the Library Sciences and Informatics Library. The Library’s Center for the Book is a network of U.S. sites promoting an interest in reading and literacy." (Source)



This is great news for the University of Puerto Rico and for the country as a whole. As a territory of the United States that suffered immensely after hurricane Maria the efforts to restore the country to its previous splendor has been massive and here at Padmore Culture we are very happy to hear that an effort is being made to bring more books and education into the hands of the population. A couple of people from our staff are from Puerto Rico and we are happy to shed light on the situation. 








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