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specifically Children's literature,

has not only artistic merit,

but also makes clear

our crises of existence--

our drive for affection

and acceptance,

the dangers and rewards

of curiosity,

the imminence of death,

our responses to injustice,

generational conflicts,

the loss of innocence,

the saving powers

of hope and humor--

all the concerns that

beckon maturing beings

deeper into life.

I'll remain forever

a child at heart

so long as I've got books." 

--Morgan Long 


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Isn’t the photo by @jenniferpolsonphotography adorable?  It captures perfectly a child’s curiosity and wonder!  Her page is full of kids and family portraits that would melt your hearts. Go check it out too!



  • Posted On October 03, 2017 by Morgan Long

    I love this and your site!! A fun get away from the mundane weekday ?✨

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