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Ever wonder what your favorite artist would look like if reimagined as a book cover? Well, that's what @LiteraryHarry has done in their hilarious twitter account. For the past two years, she has match the colors in Harry's photos and outfits with the covers of books.

We dare ask, could it be the other way around? Has Harry been looking for inspiration in the fabulous designs of book covers? Is he a cover's copycat? We would LOVE to think that's how it goes just to imagine Harry browsing through book photos and bookstagram accounts!!! That's a question only Harry can answer, but a girl can dream.  

With Valentine's Day coming up, we've chosen some swoon-worthy Harry + Books pairings to show you and added our own first reaction. Write yours below in the comment section if you wish to join us in our Harry Styles's as book covers extravaganza. 



Harry is super excited to have you read this book, so next time you see him, you come to him softly instead of  screaming your lungs out.  


The smoky red background follows Harry as he prepares for another performance, or is it for another battle?


Harry considering the impact of time, space, and life. 


Harry as happy as all the birds in the sky. 


Harry appreciating nature as much as Anne of Green Gables 


 Harry contemplating if he has anything to atone for


 Harry thinking of other galaxies 


 Harry strutting far from the tree


 Harry pretending to live in another era


Here he is signing to the possibility of having a thousand nights with us.  


Harry's eyes shine like the other famous Harry did when he won the Triwizard Tournament.  


Harry saying goodbye to us like Harry said goodbye to the past in The Half-Blood Prince.  


 Harry trying to travel to the past with some flo powder. 


Harry saying "If you could see me now" to all the haters  



 Harry feeling the power of the Order of the Phoenix 


 Harry trying to understand the proof of forever 


Even Harry enjoys a good party 


Harry enjoying the windfall of good luck he had when he scored this awesome shirt 


Harry looking for the girl in the blue coat 


Harry promoting Emma Watson's solidarity campaign to prevent the hate they give 


 Harry is smirking because he knows the upside of unrequited love. 


We want to recognize the amazing job @LiteraryHarry has done at tugging at our heartstrings with pictures of two of our favorite things. This must have taken a long time and we are delighted to help her spread the word. Visit her account, and show her your support too. 



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