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Wonder Woman has held our fascination for nearly 75 years. Now more than ever, artists all over the world are painting her with different mediums and methods, no doubt inspired by the new DC movie version of the iconic superhero. Let's see some of the most dramatic renditions we could find. 


1. Wonder Woman #23 variant cover by Jenny Frison 


2. Infinite Crisis Wonder Woman - Anna Christenson


3. ‘Wonder Woman’ by Lyns (Mushroomtale)


4. Wonder Woman by Alex Ross


5. Wonder Woman by Huang Danlan


6. Wonder Woman by Sarayu Ruangvesh


7. Wonder Woman by


8. Wonder Woman by Jim Lee


9. Illustration by Pretz


10. Illustration by French artist Blule


11. Illustration by David Despau 


12. Don’t bother Diana when she’s reading by Tony Daniel


BONUS: Superman and Wonder Woman Selfie on the Moon 




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