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Walt Disney and the girl who played Alice in Wonderland in Disney's movie version of 1950.



Walt Disney had a unique and lengthy relationship with Alice in Wonderland throughout his life and career. 

Like most children, Walt became familiar with the adventures of Alice through the famous books,  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865), and Through the Looking‐Glass (1871), by Lewis Carroll.



Years later, Walt's first cartoon series "The Alice Comedies", was a loose adaptation of the book's principle: a young girl finds herself transported into another world, in this case a live-action girl into a cartoon world. 







A full-length feature was developed five years later, with extensive artwork created by British illustrator David Hall, but Walt put in on hold and ultimately went for a lighter, more modern approach for his animated film.



In the late 1940’s, Mary Blair, one of Disney’s principal illustrators, created the visual foundation for the full-length animated feature that we know today, that finally premiered in England on July 26, 1951.



Disney took advantage of the new medium of television to promote the film in unique ways.  One of his first efforts was to produce an original program called "One Hour in Wonderland," which aired on Christmas Day 1950, and was a 60-minute visit to the Studio’s Christmas Party focused on the making of Alice in Wonderland.





At the same time, a 10-minute short on the making of the film, Operation: Wonderland, was produced. This film was sent to theatre exhibitors and independent television stations across the country. They got a free entertainment program, and Walt got an ingenious promotion for his upcoming film.




He was especially proud of his studio’s production of Alice in Wonderland, as you can see on this video where Walt introduced the airing of  the movie on Christmas Day, 1959: 




For more information, visit The Walt Disney Family Museum. 



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