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Public Libraries... Love em' or hate them we have to agree that they promote learning. Not to mention all the great resources they offer. Here we will discuss some of the reasons that everyone should visit their public library once in a while. We scoured the internet to see what other people had to say on the matter and we found that a lot of them, and we mean a lot, agree with us. 


If you don't believe us when we tell you that libraries are the best place to study, see what the Australian Council for Education Research has to say:  "There’s very strong evidence to suggest that students tend to be more engaged with learning on the whole if they engage with library resources, interact with library staff, and spend time using libraries." 


Libraries are a place to grow... 





and to become a better person!



To have a dedicated place for reading is so important, that even small rooms converted in tiny libraries are treasured. Book lovers donate books to those in need to make sure that they are cherished by the next generation of readers. Mothers donate their time to spend a couple of hours at their local libraries helping children to read. Teachers and librarians take care of their bookshelves as if they are filled by gemstones and gold. 


In libraries, you find the courage to try new things! 

Book reader Alyssa loves to go to the library since there she finds things she otherwise wouldn't have access to. She states: "The library provides so many resources for me to practice a new language. I’m learning a new language and the library provides so many resources for me to practice the language, which otherwise would have been really expensive. Other than the usual books and CDs, you can also practice doing tests for language exams." 


Libraries are a place to find solace...


Many people visit libraries for the atmosphere and soothing and calming environment. Someone might also go for the quiet space to focus. Inspiration has to hit somewhere so why not a place where many research papers have started? 


...And happiness!

And how about to spend all day at a library? Would you mind that? Not if you hear what librarians think about their job. Most of them chose to work in libraries just because it makes them happy! Look at what Amanda So, a librarian in NYC, has to say...





Even your grammar can improve in the library :) 




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So, if you're a student going through the education system, or a person who loves to learn, or you believe (like us) that one can always keep learning... libraries are the place for you. 









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