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A New Year marks a fresh start. And Winter, which already makes us leave the house less often than other times of the year, is the perfect time to catch up on your reading.  Here are some reasons Winter is a Books Lover perfect time of the year. 


Fireplaces and hot cocoa surely are good, but are even better when curling up with a book.



A warm bed begs to be lied on, and books are a more than willing companion. 


When cold weather doesn't give us comfort, books provide a warm escape and transport. 



After Fall's book buying splurge, it is Winter the best time to urgently tackle your TBR.



Holidays=time off; what better way to spend it than reading a good book.



All is bright in a place where books can dissolve that added Holidays stress.



Christmas time is full of fond memories, one of them being reading favorite holiday stories.



Family reunions are synonymous with Winter. Why not gift them all books to show them how much you care?  



And finally, the season of giving is also the season of receiving, and getting new books as gifts is as splendid as can be. 




So now that you know that Winter is really a Books Readers' Winterland, go ahead and read guilt-free. Now it's your chance to start on your book resolutions and get ahead of your book club before real life kicks in after the holidays.

We hope you have an amazing Winter season full of books, cuddles, and hot cocoa! 








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