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Today is National Bird Day! You know what that means... we are highlighting all the products that make us feel free as birds! Enjoy our top three picks and celebrate today by purchasing one for the free-spirited person in your life. 



"I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly
I'll do what it takes 'til I touch the sky" -Kelly Clarkson

Like Kelly Clarkson's song, this T-Shirt reminds us to look at the world with child-like ingenuity and imagination. It reminds us to embrace the fresh air on our faces as the sign for change. And we welcome change so we can improve and adapt to our environments.

Free Bird T-Shirt

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A mixed race teen struggles to find her way back to her love of music in the wake of her sister’s tragic death. Perfect for fans of Nicola Yoon and Jennifer Niven, by the author of William C. Morris Award finalist Starfish.

Music can be the tool that liberates us from the monotony of life and encourages us to seek for more. Much like a bird singing it's tune, Rumi seeks to find her way back home. Through music and loved ones she seeks to revel in music once more. 

Summer Bird Blue

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"Breathing life, with the air pounding in their face, free to explore the world, that is how every child should feel. Free as a bird." - Julia Maria Price 

Julia Price is completely right! We would all be so lucky to feel as free as a bird. But feeling free is a mindset, it's a journey not a destination. We believe that every person should embrace life with a child-like freeness. Not confine ourself to society's standards and requirements.

Free Bird Art Print 

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National Bird Day is a holiday which is celebrated on January 5th. The purpose of this holiday is to bring attention to the plight of captive birds, particularly those that are not native to the United States.









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