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He might be crazy, but we love to emulate him every chance we get. We dress like him, we quote him and we go gaga when we see Johnny Depp play him. He makes us laugh, but also makes us believe that the world might be a little bit different than we think. He makes us question the real importance of time in our lives, and why we are in a hurry all the time, instead of spending hours in tea-time mode. Maybe he is not that crazy after all, just a very smart and easy going hatter. And we are all better for it.


Enjoy some Mad Hatter incarnations worthy of being in someone's movie version of Alice in Wonderland. Just genius!


 Camden High Street in London, England.

Madelyne's Mad Hatter Party

Costume Models


Abril Andrade G. 





  • Posted On July 11, 2017 by K.I.D.

    Gorgeous costumes!! Never has the Mad Hatter looked so pretty :)

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