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Getting bored during the holidays? Well, we have a great idea for you! Why not host a Bookish Scavenger Hunt? This can be an enjoyable idea for big family reunions or even a group of friends.


- Teams have to record proof of the task finished (pictures will do).

- Only one team will win. If teams are tied, there will be a challenge round to determine the winner.


Here are some ideas to include in your tasks:

1. Sit with a book at the host's favorite reading spot 

Source: Pinterest



2. Build a book tower

Source: Country Living



3. Build a blanket fort

Source: Lissy Elle




4. Rearrange the bookshelf into alphabetical order.

Source: Busy Classroom




5. Bake the host's favorite book club cookies 

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6. Rearrange the bookshelf by colors

Source: Juhan Sonin



7. Find the book with over ___ pages 

Source: Arts Boston


8. Find a biography 


Source: Casey Flesser  


9. Find three poetry books 

Source: Proof Read Outloud


10. Find five (5) books published this year 

Source: Jamie


Challenge Round 

- Find 26 sentences starting with each letter of the alphabet

- Rearrange the bookshelf into year they were released 


The important part: THE PRIZE! 

Check out our Christmas' section here and select some gifts to give as prizes for all the winners to take home and remember your fabulous Scavenger's Hunt every Holiday for years to come.  



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