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We just discovered our favorite new holiday tradition! It comes from Iceland; a beautiful country full of culture and values that left us warm inside. One of our interns visited the country last summer and she came back with tons of stories. Being a book lover, she asked the locals about the culture and she learned about this wonderful tradition. 

Every Christmas Eve, friends and families exchange books and hot cocoa. They distribute the gifts and then spend the rest of the evening reading their new books. On their own or reading out loud they enjoy each others company and revel in their new books.

The tradition is called Jolabokaflod and the closest translation we found was Christmas Book Flood.

It turns out most of the books sold in the country are sold from September through the end of the holidays.

According to legend, Jolabokaflod started back during WW2 because paper was not rationed. The people refused to lose the spirit of giving and decided to use books as gifts since they had easier access to them. Isn't that amazing? 

We love learning new traditions and we definitely agree this Icelandic one is for the Christmas' books 😉



These photos are from Janssen, the great blogger behind Everyday Reading. Doesn't she look beautiful?  😍  Well, that's because she has a few tricks up her sleeve on how to look your best on Christmas morning. Check out her tips HERE.  And make sure you follow her Instagram account HERE









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  • Posted On May 06, 2019 by hotmail login english

    i love this traditional, it make chrismas more special and meaningful. So wonderful to se interesting culture

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