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Here at Padmore Culture, we believe WOMEN ROCK! And on this #WomenRockDay we are celebrating women and their ability to rock any style. From crop tops to sweatshirts, all inspired by words and books, we've designed some rockin' styles with women in mind! So here are our picks to rock every month of the year. Make sure you gift it to the most rockin' woman you know. Hey, that woman could be you, so don't be afraid to treat yourself to these awesome styles! 



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Ain't I a Woman T-Shirt  

Start the year off strong! With this powerful statement you will be able to start the year by making your mark. 

Inspiration- Sojourner Truth Speech

This magnificent expression is from one of the greatest speeches ever delivered from Sojourner Truth! A statement for all women to establish how proud they are of their sex, of their strength and of their womanhood. 


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Love Warrior T-Shirt 

Love warriors are people that love LOVE and here at Padmore, our year is FULL of LOVE. Starting on Valentine's Day we celebrate love any chance we get. 

Inspiration- Love Warrior  

One of Oprah's Bookclub Selection, this highly featured memoir by bestselling author Glennon Doyle Melton tells the story of her journey of self-discovery after the implosion of her marriage.


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Sick and tired T-Shirt 

Embrace Women's History Month with this awesome T-Shirt that motivates us to keep going despite being tired. History has been changed by women that were never willing to give up and this t-shirt motivates you to keep fighting for equality. 

Inspiration- Fannie Lou Story

Her iconic phrase resounds a never ending plea for equality.


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Bloom T-Shirt  

With Spring comes new beginnings, so it's time to BLOOM! Time to uncover and become yourself. Embrace the happiness of Spring and the glow this season brings. 

Inspiration- Secret Garden

As we learn from this beautiful book, everything is possible in spring and any other season if you give them time to grow.


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Kray Kray shirt 

On Mental Health Awareness Month we recognize that we all have our hangups, our peculiarities and insecurities that makes us unique. While we acknowledge that those dealing with mental illness have a long hard battle ahead of them, this funny take on the Cheshire Cat reminds us that more connects us than what sets us apart. 

Inspiration- Alice in Wonderland 

The Cheshire Cat has always been our favorite Alice's character. Mostly because being pink and purple? GOALS. 


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Palm Beach Sun Tank Top 

What time is it? Summertime! (HSM2 anyone?) Our favorite season has arrived. It's time for some SUMMER LOVING (Grease anyone?) This fun colorful T-Shirt will help you ring in the summer with awesome style and comfort. 

Inspiration- Our favorite summer reads

Books like The Summer I Turned Pretty, The Sunshine Sisters, The Book of Summer, and The Summer of Us all motivated us to create a collection based on SUMMER! 


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Born in the USA Crop Top 

Born in the USA is a classic Bruce Springsteen song that represents American pride. Nowadays tensions run high, but we will always be proud of our country. 

 Inspiration- Living in America

This shirt was inspired by current events and the need to find what America stands for in this era. Our Living in America collection is trying to collect all the voices as an effort to unify once more this divided country. 


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Dreaming of You Tank Top

If you are dreaming of a good school year, dreaming of a future loved one, or dreaming of the next step, this tee is for you! We like to dream big and this t-Shirt lets everyone know you will chase your dreams far and wide. 

Inspiration- Romance Novels

We love LOVE so much we created a full collection called "Little Romance". This section has books like: Me Before You, P.S. I love you, and the To All The Boys I've Loved Before


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Just Believe T-Shirt 

Live well. Do your best. Dream new goals. Just BELIEVE. 
Part of our Bee You collection, this tee reflects our belief that everyone should be themselves and love who they are. Because, as the famous Dr Seuss said: “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

Inspiration- Me Before You

The bee tights in this book inspired a whole collection. Bee You is our self love collection that pushes us to embrace who we are. 


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Breakups Don't Break Me  

Throughout the year we've talked about love but we haven't acknowledged self love enough. Breakups don't break me is a rally cry to remind us that we are able to withstand many things, including heartbreak. Through the power of self love and self care, we are positive anyone can get over a breakup. 

Inspiration- Lorde's Melodrama Album 

Our staff was influenced by this album when one of our interns brought it to the office. We created this fun, but dramatic shirt. 


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Love is in the Air T-Shirt 

November brings the beginning of holidays and with Thanksgiving right around the corner its time to renew our LOVE for life. This shirt sends your brain the message that we have so much to be grateful for and that we should love love love those around us. 

Inspiration- Secret Garden

The secret ingredient is always LOVE! You'll never forget it as long as you wear this tshirt with the magical word floating all around.


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Love is all Around Sweatshirt 

Love is all around... along with the holiday spirit. This red and festive sweatshirt will help you deal with the cold and will inspire you to love and maybe even kiss that special someone under the mistletoe. 

Inspiration- Christmas Romance Novels

We love LOVE so much we added our "Little Romance" collection TWICE in this post. 







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