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As she has done in the past, Emma Watson is at it again, hiding books in plain sight around London. This time she is giving away 2,000 copies of Louisa May Alcott's Little Women. It seems that she really wants people to read the book before the movie hits theaters on December 25. 

As you might as well know, Emma plays Meg March in Greta Gerwig's new movie adaptation of the beloved story. She and her costars have professed their love for the characters they play and want everyone to get acquaintance with the amazing protagonists, each with a different path, but all trying to define their place in the women's world that they live in. This story, therefore, seems as relevant today as when it was written 150 years before. And Emma, a great advocate for women's rights, would promote its message to no end to help women causes around the world. Can she be more cool?   

She placed copies of ‘Little Women’ by London Statues Honoring Females, including Amy Winehouse, Agatha Christie, Mary Seacole, and more. Each book has a special note from her inside. How amazing is that? 

The actress shared numerous photos and even a clip on her Instagram in which we can see her hiding copies of the book in various spots around London.

If you're not in London...

...and can't get one of Emma's copies, don't despair. Get your own copy, or get one for a girlfriend you want to encourage to read it, and follow Emma's symbolic footsteps of spreading the words of Little Women. 

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