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Did you know that there is a version of Alice in Wonderland written for kids less than 6 years old?  YES, it is!! And in it, she is called Allie, a nickname chosen to differentiate her from her more grown up version.

The author, years after the publication of his most notable book, felt that kids, in this case very little kids, could not understand his story fully. So he dedicated himself to the task of rewriting it as if he was telling it or reading it to small kids as a bedtime story.




And of course, the Red Queen who wanted to chop off everybody's head. 



How do you explain such a strange behavior to small kids? Don't worry about it. Let its clever author, Mr. Lewis Carroll, and the story itself, work its magic. Your kids will surely be entranced by the rapid-fire sentences and the ins and outs of characters. The fabulous and colorful illustrations, which show Allie as a small kid herself, will make them smile and better understand that it is all a great joke. All Nonsense, after all. A wonderful, wonderful nonsense. 





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