Nicholas Sparks... the KING of Hearts and therefore, of the ugly cry. We know what to expect from him. From The Notebook to The Choice, he always has a good (sentimental) story up his sleeve. But does that means he only has a place for romance in his life? By his own admission, he's always reading, so we wondered: what he's been reading recently?... What we find certainly surprised us! 

The Outsider by Stephen King

What Nicholas Sparks Says:

In a recent interview with Omnivoracious, the famous author confesses his fascination with Stephen King with these words: "Yet another masterpiece from one of the greatest writers America has ever produced. If you're not a fan of horror or have never read a Stephen King book, this one might be a great start. While there is a supernatural element, the pages turn easily, the writing is masterful, and the characters intriguing." 

What we say :

We thought our favorite romance author was being inspired by other romance novels! We had no idea he would be into suspense like this one! We added this book to our store because the supernatural turn to this story intrigued us, and once we knew we were not the only ones, that even Nicholas Sparks has it on his nightstand, we are glad we did! How about you? Have you added to your bookshelf yet?

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