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The year is 1922. The carnival is Pontilliar’s Spectacular Star Light Miraculum, staked out on the Texas-Louisiana border. One blazing summer night, a mysterious stranger steps onto the midway, lights a cigarette and forever changes the world around him. Tattooed snake charmer Ruby has traveled with her father’s carnival for most of her life and, jaded though she is, can’t help but be drawn to the tall man in the immaculate black suit who conveniently joins the carnival as a chicken-biting geek. Mercurial and charismatic, Daniel charms everyone he encounters, but his manipulation of Ruby turns complicated when it’s no longer clear who’s holding all the cards. Daniel is full of secrets, but he hadn’t counted on Ruby having a few of her own. When one tragedy after another strikes the carnival―and it becomes clear that Daniel is somehow at the center of calamity―Ruby takes it upon herself to discover the mystery of the shadowy man pulling all the strings. Joined by Hayden, a roughneck-turned-mural-painter wrestling demons of his own, Ruby engages Daniel in a dangerous, eye-opening game in which nothing is as it seems and everything is at stake.   

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Ryan Holt; Polis Books
Steph Post has firmly established herself as one of the most original and captivating voices in contemporary fiction, and with Miraculum she has written an unforgettable novel that is part Southern Gothic, part Noir, part Magical Realism, and all Steph Post. 


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"Miraculum is a beautiful, dark and mesmerizing book that will have the reader hooked from the very first line. This is, without a doubt, my favorite read of the year. Be prepared to have your mind, and your heart, explode!" (Source

"Miraculum by Steph Post is my favorite book I have read this week. It is everything I love: carnivals, mysterious people, freaks, gods, voodoo queens, strong female characters and a love interest that isn’t puerile." (Source











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