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Navigating the world of dating, hookups, and love can be a pretty daunting task. For some, their first relationship is their only one. Others, throughout their teenage and adult years experience hookups, friends with benefits, friends with benefits they secretly hope will become more, conventional relationships, and everything in-between. If one thing is certain, there is no one-size-fits all criteria for a good relationship. There are, however, certain tools that can help you determine if the person you’re thinking about dating or hooking up with is a good match for you.


Enter The Thinking Girl’s Guide to the Right Guy: How Knowing Yourself Can Help You Navigate Dating, Hookups, and Love, by Psychology professor Joanne Davila, PhD and co-author Kaycee Lashman. The thought provoking self-help book provides practical advice to help women (and men) develop skills to learn the vocabulary of healthy relationships.


Now, even if you’re single and killin’ it, or you’re in a healthy long-term relationship, you can totally benefit from this book. It does a remarkable job of portraying all different types of relationship issues, ranging from a lack of trust, to open relationships, to long-distance… you name the obstacle, this book covers it. And rather than spelling out common relationship issues like “how to deal with long distance,” the book introduces you to a series of characters with unique personality traits and situations to create a more relatable and believable set of lessons.


Now, before you go buy this instructive book, listen what the author has to say about Healthy Relationships. 







Elise is a blogger with multiple interests including fashion, makeup, dating, books. When she is not putting looks together and snapping pictures for her blog Glam Piece, she's working as a public relations professional. She is a University of Florida double grad and a Miami native.

She has various creative outlets, including writing, painting and the occasional freestyle rap. 





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