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Imagine this: at your mother's funeral, you are approached by three of the most glamorous humans you have ever laid eyes on. They radiate so much class, wealth, and charm that you hardly believe them when they tell you that they are your family — a family you didn't even know you had. They are there to offer you an opportunity of a lifetime: to leave your sad orphanhood in the Midwest behind, and claim your rightful place in the glamorous world of New York City's high society. What would you do to hold on to your newfound life and wealth? That's the question at the heart of Andrea Dunlop's She Regrets Nothing.

It may be decked out in millennial pink on the outside, but the novel, out now from Atria, holds a lot of darkness between its bright covers. On the surface, this deliciously entertaining novel is a spellbinding story of one young woman's struggle to find, and keep, her place among the ranks of one of New York's richest families — her family. But underneath the glamorous family saga — where heart-to-hearts happen at Bergdorf's and Thanksgiving dinners include champagne and truffled mashed potatoes — is a far more disturbing narrative about gender disparity, sexual violence, and the dark side of wealth.

At the very center of She Regrets Nothing is Laila Lawrence, a young woman who, after becoming an orphan and learning that her grandfather is one of the wealthiest men in New York City, ditches her quaint life (and husband) in the Midwest in favor of a guest room in her cousins' penthouse on the Upper East Side. Creating an intriguing but fairly "unlikable" character who isn't, Andrea Dunlop tells me, a full-on anti-heroine or even a real villain, was one of the most interesting parts of the writing process. "Putting myself in that place with a character that looks at the world so much differently than I do, and so much differently than a lot of typical female heroines, was totally fun," Dunlop says.

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