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One of 2018's most anticipated releases sends shocks through the bookish community! Yesterday, The Belles was finally released and fans are very happy with this debut novel by Dhonielle Clayton. Here are some of the reviews readers have posted! 

Someone online described this book as Marie Antoinette with magic and I would have to agree! Lush, luxurious settings, great prose, a dynamic cast of diverse characters, and scary parallels to our real world. Additionally, I've never read such a diverse fantasy where all different types of beauty are celebrated and exist so seamlessly within the same room. 

-Tomi, Goodreads Reviewer 

“You can never be clean enough, pretty enough, or smart enough.” 
It’s not just the main character that is complex, the side characters are amazing. I think Remy has to be my favorite out of them all along with all the other belles! 





The Belles is a monster hidden behind a pretty facade of dresses, magic, and beautiful writing. The world and story slowly build through stunning descriptions, as the author peels back the layers of society's obsession with beauty, revealing all the ugliness that lies underneath. 

-Emily, Goodreads Reviewer 

From the outside, it looks like it was written for princesses-to-be, but the inside is different. Among the lush descriptions of dresses and beautiful people, there is darkness lurking. I couldn’t stop reading. Camellia has all the qualities a heroine needs: kindness, strength, empathy, determination, courage and the willingness to make a change.

- Lola, Blogger 




The Belles











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