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Patricia Cornwell may be hard to miss this week for listeners and viewers of the BBC. The American author of 25 novels is in the UK this week, for a round of television and radio appearances up and down the country in support of her new nonfiction release, Ripper: The Secret Life of Walter Sickert.
Cornwell is embarking on a busy three days of radio and television events. There are segments on BBC Radio 4’s Today and BBC World Radio’s Conversation as well as on BBC Radio Berkshire, Devon, Jersey, Lancashire, Leicester, Merseyside, Newcastle, Northampton, Shropshire, Surrey & Sussex, Wales, and Wiltshire. She’ll be on ITV’s London Tonight, too.
Cornwell’s  long-lived fascination with the perennially unsolved case of Jack the Ripper, lead her to her investigation of artist Walter Sickert as the possible culprit. In the Kindle in Motion version of the book, hundreds of images capture the Ripper letters, news clippings of the day, documentation of Cornwell’s own research—as when she goes to the Islington Local History Centre to examine one of Sickert’s artist’s palettes. There’s artwork from the era, as well, and annotated taunts sent to the police by people claiming to be the Ripper.
Be sure to catch Patricia's presentation of the book in any of the media outlets mentioned above. 


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