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The star of more than 20 children's books, Paddington is one of the most beloved children's book series. 

His story began in 1956 when British author, then BBC Cameraman, Michael Bond bought a small bear left alone on a shelf in Selfridges store for his wife’s Christmas present. 

“There was this one bear sitting on the shelf and I felt sorry for him,” he said in an interview with The Mirror. “Had there been two bears I might have given them a passing glance. But I could hardly ignore one all by itself with Christmas coming on. He looked so forlorn.”

He called him Paddington after the station closest to his home and the bear inspired him to write eight stories in a week!



In the course of his many, many books, more than a couple of artists have drawn Paddington. This is what R.W. Alley, one of such illustrators, have to say about drawing the famous bear: "My love of drawing in pen and ink and watercolor may have lead to the invitation to illustrate a new line of Paddington books beginning in 1997. I have indeed been lucky to be part of that list of artists and to get to know such an interesting bear."



Actress Nicole Kidman has been a fan for ages, so when she was asked to be part of the Paddington movie, she admits to BBC America that it was a fairly easy job offer to accept. 


"My agent called and said: ‘We’ve got this offer from London for you to be in a film about a Paddington Bear.’ And I said:

“You mean THE Paddington Bear?!”

“I read the stories when I was little and I grew up with Paddington. I know all about his adventures and what mischief he got up to.”


Kidman hosted a story-telling session on the Marmalade-eating bear for eager children. The event, reported The Daily Mail, was designed to encourage children to read. The Oscar-winner put on a riveting performance as she read excerpts from the Michael Bond’s classic Paddington Bear novels. Tapping into her experiences as real-life mother-of-two, the star ensured her young audience held onto her every word. 



Australian Author Prue Batten shared with us how Paddington entered her life. 

"When I became pregnant with my daughter 36 years ago, my parents bought a Paddington Bear for the baby, not knowing what sex it would be – the baby that is, not the bear. At great cost for the time, they purchased a delightful bear that was made in the UK and which was as big as the eventual baby girl."

Read more of her sweet story here


In 2014 Paddington enjoyed his big screen debut in Paddington. The Guardian declared that the movie was an outstanding success with this statement:

"Officially the most successful non-Hollywood movie ever, Paddington’s first film has also taken the number one slot in the DVD charts for 2015." 


The adorable bear is the favorite of kids and adults alike. There's even a life-sized bronze statue of Paddington Bear in London's Paddington Station, which brings smiles to passer-byes. 


And he has received the Royal Treatment. For the look of this pictures, we can say that the Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and William, Duke of Cambridge, can't resist Paddington's charms either, can we? 

But, how about the people? 


#paddingtonspopup great day xx

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Nope, people can't resist him either. In a recent Visit London campaign called Paddington Pop Up, families and individuals had the opportunity to share their love for Paddington thru social media with the hashtag #paddigtonpopup by taking pictures with the famed bear in various locations throughout London. 




Now is your turn to show your love. Match our London Tshirt with the book Paddington 2 based on the new movie and you will be declared The Most Famous Bear's Most Appreciative Fan!  :) 

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Paddington 2: The Story of the Movie




  • Posted On May 11, 2020 by April & Cenzia

    Loved this post! We’re big fans of Paddington! We have a blog ( – if you’re interested!) and visit various museums as part of it. Seeing and meeting R.W. Alley at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Mass., U.S. was a highlight! Watching him draw and speak about his Paddington adventures was such a treat! One day we’ll get to Paddington Station- it’s on our bucket list! :)

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