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Bloggers and BookTubers are saying great things about One Of Us Is Lying. Phrases like "super fun" and "couldn't get my face out of it" are used to describe it. Have you read it yet? Well, we are here to convince you to get your copy soon with this Spoiler-Free selection of some the best reviews we could find. Make sure to follow the reviewers' accounts or blogs to support their efforts and great job letting us know what is worth reading. Enjoy!


 Charlotte Van Houten

"This book was really compelling and written by a debut author I intend to keep a close eye on because she has some serious potential.  I was completely sucked into this story because of her compelling writing style, and couldn't put it down." Read more


 Beware of the Reader

I finished this book today “readwalking” home as I could not put it down. I just had to know!!! It was like Agatha Christies happening in high school with a Gossip Girl feel. I was deeply invested in this first work by Karen M. McManus. Read more


 Larry H

"If One of Us Is Lying was a television series, I would binge-watch it wholeheartedly. It's been a while since I've gotten so into a book I've devoured the majority of it in one sitting when I haven't been on a plane." Read more 



"I like how the characters’ secrets are revealed a little at a time, and McManus does a great job at teasing hints of Cooper’s secret in particular, which feels like it has the biggest build-up before the eventual reveal. The first half of this book feels like it’s all about guessing each of the character’s motives, reading between the lines, and working out their secrets. It feels like any one of them could have killed Simon, and I loved this section of the book, because it really brought out my inner Sherlock." Read more


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One Of Us Is Lying




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