Some of the most incredible stories and memorable characters are portrayed in books that come from Europe and its rich historical landscape. But not all of them drew from the past. Here is a list of new books from Europe that are modern phenomenons in their way of telling strange, inspiring and utterly entertaining stories that deserve to be added to your TBR.


A girl in search of herself leaves her childhood village, a close-knit agricultural community, for a nearby city where she moves between a hostel and a mysterious nuns' convent. By Wioletta Greg.

 Translated from the Polish by Jennifer Croft. Publisher: Transit Books.


A novel about a sex-addicted woman living in Paris. By Leila Slimani.


Translated from the French by Sam Taylor. 

Publisher: Penguin.


Le Tellier, a prominent French writer, meditates on life and dysfunctional family relationships. By Hervé Le Tellier.

Translated from the French by Adriana Hunter. Publisher: Other Press.


A noir novel set in coastal France about the murder of a real estate developer. By Tanguy Viel.


Translated from the French by William Rodarmor. Publisher: Other Press.


The life of a boy from the isolated Neapolitan island of Procida is upended when his father brings home a young bride. By Elsa Morante.

Translated from the Italian by Ann Goldstein. 

Publisher: Liveright.


A young woman flees war-torn Berlin for the countryside only to be recruited as one of Hitler’s tasters. By Rosella Postorino.


Translated from the Italian by Leah Janeczko. 

Publisher: Flatiron.


A lawyer tries to overturn a murder conviction and exonerate her client, but the more she learns, the more questions she has. By Malin Persson Giolito.

Translated from the Swedish by Rachel Willson-Broyles. Publisher: Other Press.


Two young people are trapped in a gorge in the Cevennes Mountains, with the narration alternating between their childhoods and their current dire predicament. By Anna Gavalda.

 Translated from the French by Jennifer Rappaport. Publisher: Europa.


A young woman’s fairy-tale marriage turns into a prison of dependency and violence when her husband subjects her to physical and psychological abuse. By Katharina Winkler.

Translated from the German by Laura Wagner. Publisher: Seagull Books.


A collection of short stories that explore suffering, salvation and the possibility of moving beyond the wounds of the past. By Anna Gavalda.


Translated from the French by Alison Anderson. Publisher: Europa.


A historical novel tracing the life of a mute and nameless boy who attempts to join civilization. By Marcus Malte.

Translated from the French by Emma Ramadan and Tom Roberge. Publisher: Restless.


In this fantastical tale of time travel, a young girl and her friends try to break an ancient curse and save the planet from an apocalyptic end. By Andri Snær Magnason.


Translated from the Icelandic by Bjorg Arnadottir and Andrew Cauthery. Publisher: Restless


A coming-of-age story centered around a young, self-taught cook as he travels through different cities. By Maylis de Kerangal.

Translated from the French by Sam Taylor. 

Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Giroux.


Two friends leave their homes in communist Albania behind in search of new identities and lives in Italy. By Pajtim Statovci.


Translated from the Finnish by David Hackston. Publisher: Pantheon.


After her mother's release from prison for a bizarre crime, a formerly popular girl and her family try to make a clean start on a Scottish island. By Renate Dorrestein.

Translated from the Dutch by Hester Velmans. Publisher: World Editions.


The Devil shows up in a village of egotistical writers, claiming to be a big-time publisher. By Paolo Maurensig.


Translated from the Italian by Anne Milano Appel. Publisher: World Editions.


A young Dutch girl is sent to a bitter aristocrat to train as a fencer, only to fall in love with him. By Marente de Moor.

Translated from the Dutch by David Doherty. Publisher: World Editions.


A 4-year-old boy, haunted by nightmares of being handed over to a stranger, begins claiming his mother is not his real mother. By Michel Bussi.


Translated from the French by Sam Taylor. 

Publisher: Europa.


After the sudden death of their parents, three siblings struggle to recover the family they once were. By Benedict Wells.

Translated from the German by Charlotte Collins. Publisher: Penguin Books.


An art teacher visits the exhibit of a celebrated former student, posing for the student in the nude and leading the two to reflect on their lives. By Jean-Philippe Blondel.


Translated from the French by Alison Anderson. Publisher: New Vessel Press.


A 13-year-old girl must leave the family that raised her to live with her birth family, a chaotic group that seems anything but welcoming. By Donatella Di Pietrantonio.

Translated from the Italian by Ann Goldstein. 

Publisher: Europa.


A writer obsessed with American cinema embarks on a journey that takes him from New York to a lake in Italy. By Yannick Haenel.


Translated from the French by Teresa Fagan. 

Publisher: Other Press.


A woman tries to process her trauma after the bank where she works is robbed. By Dana Grigorcea.

Translated from the German by Alta L. Price. 

Publisher: Seagull Books.


Pierre de Siorac protects an uneasy peace in France as a spy for King Henry IV. The fourth book in the “Fortunes of France” series. By Robert Merle.


Translated from the French by T. Jefferson Kline. Publisher: Pushkin Press.


A middle-aged architect returns to his great-uncle's farm after 40 years to confront the disappearance of a local girl during the summer he spent there. By Agnete Friis.

Translated from the Danish by Sinead Quirke Kongerskov. Publisher: Soho Crime.


On the advice of a fortune-teller, Alice Pendelbury travels to Turkey to meet the most important person in her life. By Marc Levy.

Translated from the French by Chris Murray. 

Publisher: Amazon Crossing.


In this existential detective story, residents of a small village start to disappear. By Jean Giono.

Translated from the French by Alyson Waters. Publisher: New York Review Books.


A firsthand account of migrant shipwrecks on the remote island of Lampedusa, a part of the world’s deadliest migrations route. By Davide Enia.


Translated from the Italian by Antony Shugaar. Publisher: Other Press.


A lyrical novel about a 19th-century love in Norway. By Ruth Lillegraven.

Translated from the Norwegian by May-Brit Akerholt. Publisher: Seagull Books.


After being drafted into the army, a man from a remote village is forced to fight a war he does not understand — against his national and personal interests. By Jozef Wittlin.

Translated from the Polish by Patrick Corness. Publisher: Pushkin Press.


Ellinor, a smart and unsentimental woman, gets stranded by a snowstorm with a literary critic after trying online dating. By Lina Wolff.

Translated from the Swedish by Saskia Vogel. Publisher: And Other Stories.


The arrival of a wind farm disrupts the superficial harmony of a town, with disturbing consequences. By Bram Dehouck.

Translated from the Dutch by Jonatyhan Reeder. Publisher: World Editions.


The story of a child prodigy who has to find a home for his family. By Fabio Bartolomei.

Translated from the Italian by Antony Shugaar. Publisher: Europa.


Spare poems — in the style of Emily Dickinson — that interweave the everyday with the dreamlike. By Ana Luísa Amaral. 

Translated from the Portuguese by Margaret Jull Costa. Publisher: New Directions.


A man invites neighbors to share a bottle of wine that holds special properties, and the group finds themselves in 1950s Paris the next morning. By Antoine Laurain.

Translated from the French by Gallic Books. 

Publisher: Gallic Books.


A young boy and his father try to keep his mentally ill mother happy and safe. By Olivier Bourdeaut.

Translated from the French by Regan Kramer. Publisher: Simon & Schuster.


A debut novel about the relationship between a music teacher and his student. By Sarah Léon.

Translated from the French by John Cullen. 

Publisher: Other Press.


When his car breaks down, a man in South Africa enters a gated community and, in the wrong place at the wrong time, makes a terrible mistake. By Max Annas.

Translated from the German by Rachel Hildebrandt. Publisher: Catalyst Press.


A young man from Romania reflects on his relationships with three different women. By Mihail Sebastian.

Translated from the Romanian by Philip Ó Ceallaigh. Publisher: Other Press.


In the span of a night, a widow recounts a shameful incident with her husband, exploring rage, jealousy and fresh starts. By Margriet de Moor.

Translated from the Dutch by David Doherty. Publisher: New Vessel Press.

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