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Netflix will start filming #GIRLBOSS comedy series soon with plans to launch the series in 2017, based on Sophia Amoruso's book by the same name.


The storyline chronicles the young entrepreneur's journey to become a 27-year-old running her own multi-million dollar clothing company, Nasty Gal. 


A bestseller among young girls who love Sophia's brand and young entrepreneurs looking for inspiration,  #Girlboss, the series, could easily become a hit if done well. While the show’s release date hasn’t been announced, fans are impatiently waiting to see how the book and the brand experience will transfer on the TV series.


Slotted as a comedy series, the venture has attracted some big names:

  • Britt Robertson will be playing the main character, obviously inspired by Sophia.

  • Kay Cannon, the writer behind “Pitch Perfect,” will serve as showrunner.

  • Charlize Theron, Beth Kono, Laverne McKinnon and Amoruso herself are all attached as executive producers.


      Sophia's post on Twitter: "Netflix and Britt. Robertson, that is, playing me (life is weird!!!) on Girlboss"





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