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Filmed on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico, the Lord of the Flies movie (1962), caused great turmoil back then both for the storyline and the nakedness of its child actors. 

Based on the novel by the same name by William Golding, an English schoolmaster, the story concerns a group of schoolboys whose plane crashes on a tropical island while they are being evacuated from London during a raging war.


Lord of the Flies was given an X rating (for child nudity and violence) in the United Kingdom, so none of its British stars could see it when it was released.



Why Vieques?

Director Peter Brook and co-producer Lewis Allen spent four months scouring the Caribbean for "the" location. "It was a question of logistics," said Brook. "Where else could we find virgin beaches, mountain areas, and dense vegetation, all close enough together to make it practical to shuttle thirty-three boys without distraction or interference?"



Seeking "proper" British accents, Brook and Allen interviewed some 4,000 boys in New York, Washington, and Puerto Rico. For the thirty-three chosen ages 6 to 12, it was a veritable ten-week summer camp in the tropics with lots of sports and games when not on set with Mr. Brook. Cooks, counselors and a registered nurse were included in the company.


The cast at Idewild Airport, NY, before boarding Pan Am flight to Puerto Rico. A chess match on the beach between takes.


In addition to shooting on Vieques, sequences were filmed in the caves of Arecibo and El Yunque rain forest, both in Puerto Rico.


At the time of Lord of the Flies filming, producers seeking tax-free deals through Puerto Rico's Economic Development Administration, chose the island for their movies. Puerto Rico is still an attractive location for film crews. Major studios send teams to Puerto Rico for location sequences.


Recent Films shot in Puerto Rico

22 Jump Street with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill,

Amistad by Stephen Spielberg 

Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp.




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