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Judge these books by their covers! They're very appealing, compelling, and mesmerizing, instantly grabbing our attention and creating a sort of emotional bond with us. They're also on point with some of the best design trends of 2019. These design trends are the not-so-subtle ways designers use to draw attention to the book. Which one of these trends is your favorite? 

Bright Colors

Book covers that are rich and vibrant grab the attention instantly and captive readers with their powerful brightness. They're usually sprinkled with impressive creativity. Some are even evoking the style of the seventies and eighties with great results.

Handmade Type

Handmade letters help show a lot of emotions and make the book cover stand out from the rest. This style speaks volume about the characters and story because is less rigid than the traditional type, giving designers freedom to express more.

Bold Letters

Typography plays one of the most significant roles 

in cover design. After all, it is the one responsible

for revealing the book title, the first thing readers 

look for in a cover. This year, we find more bold, loud, attention-grabbing typography in book covers.


There is an increasing preference for

 incorporating illustrations in graphic 

design, especially in book covers. Whether

 created digitally or the old-fashioned way, illustrations are proven to be very effective and

 they please us on more than just one level. 

Real-Life Photos

To keep things genuine and add a realistic touch

most designers are using real-life inspired images. 

This technique separates itself from the staged, perfect photography making these covers look fresh and more real.

Fantasy Books = Fantastic Covers

The incredible detailing in the design of fantasy books is absolutely outstanding. They set the bar higher. With enchanting font styles, detailed graphics, symbols, and balanced alignments, they absolutely shine. The design quality in such books is evident and that's why readers are drooling about them all over bookstagram, taking photos of these amazing books every chance they get. Here some of the most eye-catching of this year. 

The tile work and mosaics in Nocturna's cover are not only stunning, but are also reminiscent of the ones seen in palaces and houses in Spain, which is perfect since the story is about a kingdom of brown-skinned, curly haired people who found magic in their language, in the rolling r’s, melodic trills, and quick snaps of Spanish, as the author Maya Motayne herself explained in a letter to readers. 

Art: Mark van Leeuwen 

Design: Aurora Parlagreco and Jenna Stempel-Lobell

Alluring to the carnIval and circus elements inside the story, each of the Caraval series' covers are magical. All comes to full fruition in the purple cover of Finale, the last book in the trilogy, which ends the thrilling saga that began with two sisters escaping their father, and has since developed into an enchanting, at times pulse-pounding fantasy — and a No. 1 New York Times best-seller, as stated by David Canfield of EW.

Cover Designer: Erin Fitzsimmons

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Good luck to all of you! 



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