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While for some of us, our only gift options are ugly sweaters and cozy seasonal presents, here at Padmore we believe that some gifts are timeless. Here are our picks for gifting in ANY season. 


A Visit to Wonderland

Curiosity didn't kill the cat with this bundle! We love Alice and we hope you hold a special place in your heart for this story as well. Here's some inspirational wall art, a book full of adventures and a bag to carry it all! 

Allie Book 

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Adventures Wall Art

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Cheshire Cat Tote Bag 

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Crazy little thing called LOVE 

We've all been there; whether it's basking in the feels of true love, or having to pull yourself up from a bad match, being a LOVE WARRIOR means embracing every moment love could possibly be a part of our lives, even if it ends in heartbreak. 

Love Story Never Ends Pillow

Who Do You Love

Love Warrior T-Shirt 

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Celebrate Heritage

Know about the people who came before you, their traditions, their customs, and their fights. Learn about your past to go toward your future. 

Silent No More 

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Silent No More Tshirt

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Women's Will Tshirt

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I See London

One of our favorite countries deserves an entire collection in our Shop. So many books and hundreds of Classics take place in England! For that reason, we would always consider it our far away home. If you need morning inspiration or need to bask in royal glory, buy these products to feel more connected to this amazing country. 

Tribute to the Queen Mug 

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 London in our Hearts Buttons 

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The Royal We 

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Rainbow Road  

A life full of color is necessary for all of us. That is why we read light, entertaining books at least once a year and we surround ourselves with things that make us happy. If you're needing some fun in the sun or some alone time in the bath, these products can help anyone feel more connected to themselves. 

Colorful Summer Curtains 

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I'll Give You The Sun

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Colorful Summer Rug

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We The People 

Show how proud you are of being part of the melting pot that is America! Read more about its history and its current affairs. All through the country's ups and downs, the people always persevere. And that resilience should be expressed with pride.  All while looking fabulous! 

All American Phone Case 

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 The Revolution Generation

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Stars Travel Bag

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