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This book has been everywhere! Maybe it is because of its intriguing plot or due to its rainbow-colored cover that is so photogenic that bookstagramers can't resist to post it all over Instagram. Probably it is both. But no matter what attract people first, the cover or the blurb, the thing is that it has grabbed the attention of many, many readers. Here are some of the posts we've found.


1. Matchy-matchy

Well, we're not sure, but it seems that Ingrid is more into the cover. What are the odds of your camping tabletop matching your book cover? Well-done! 😜 




2. Best Match-Award

Wow, Cheri surely found the perfect background. But she liked the book too, it seems, since she is quoting it! 😌 




3. Meant to Be Together

Janet surely looks comfy reading this book. But it's not her nook or her pets that she wants to point out. It's the color of her jumpsuit that match the book cover! We're seeing a pattern here! 🙃




4. Succumbed to the Hype

To succumb or not succumb. That is the question... Britanny is asking us. She seems excited to have grabbed the book, at least in her photo, but then she says she is nervous and anxious. How this drama would end?  😬 



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guess who is feeling a little nervous about reading a very hyped book? 🙋🏼‍♀️ . no, i’m excited, but i have to admit, the minute i started hearing about this book, i was pretty jazzed to get my hands on it. this feels like a tough one to hide from for that very reason— many people have been excited about it. the real seller for me was how the bookseller described the author event they had, and how incredible R. O. Kwon was throughout the event. the way they described it, made me feel like this is an author i want to support. . what do you all think? do you succumb to the hype and read those books right away? or do you wait it out a little and read later? or not at all!! tell me all the things. . 9|19|18

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5. With a Happy Ending

HappyMama's smile signals that she really enjoyed this book, and the way she is holding it, surely means that she couldn't put it down. Happy readers = Happy ending for The Incendiaries.  🤓





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