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The News: 

Universal Pictures has optioned the upcoming Melissa Del Bosque book Bloodlines: The True Story of a Drug Cartel, the FBI, and the Battle for a Horse-Racing Dynasty. Deadline reports that Channing Tatum is attached to star as the rookie FBI agent that leads the investigation, and Oscar-nominated Straight Outta Compton scribe Jonathan Herman will adapt.


The Story:

A rookie FBI agent named Scott Lawson is assigned to the border town of Laredo, Texas, where he writes reports about the drug war but doesn’t get to do much else. Until he’s asked to check out an anonymous tip that a horse sold for a record price at an Oklahoma auction house. The buyer: Miguel Trevino, one of the leaders of the Zetas, a brutal Mexican drug cartel. Teaming up with a more experienced agent named Alma Perez, the FBI agent discovers an opportunity to infiltrate a cartel that has taken to launder its drug money through American quarter horse racing.



The Buzz:

It is an incredible real-life incident and a harrowing portrayal of a cartel family’s thirst for power, money and fast horses.

"Los Zetas were like nothing Mexico had ever seen. Founded in the late 1990s by deserters from the country’s special forces, the syndicate used counterinsurgency tactics, high-caliber weapons, psychological warfare and gory acts of violence to conquer valuable smuggling territories" explains the author, before adding that Los Zetas even branched out into trafficking oil stolen from the government monopoly PEMEX, selling it to U.S. oil companies. That way they took control of the sale of black-market goods in their territories. 

The last draw was their bidding thousands of dollars in auctions of breeding and racing champion quarter horses in Texas. 

With such wealth of information, Melissa del Bosque has written a nonfiction thriller that reads better than the best crime novels.



The book will be available on September 12.






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