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Not feeling the love this month? Going through a hard breakup? Don't worry we have some #selflove coming your way! Why not celebrate the month of love with a little self-care and some self-love? This is the instruction manual on how to get over a relationship, with the products to go along with them.  


Wake up early + Bloom Mug = Perfect recipe for a good day 

The morning after a breakup all we want to do is sleep in but sadly that's not a reality for most of us hard working individuals. Even if you don't have a time constrained job, this still applies to you! It has been proven that people that wake up earlier are more productive and effective during their day. So today of all days, when you might be distracted by all the chatter, give yourself a chance to greatness by waking up early. Read a book, exercise a little bit, catch up with your favorite show, do something nice for yourself and then, when it's time to get ready, sip your coffee in your BLOOM cup and face the day with newfound energy. 






Believe in Yourself + Just Believe T-shirt = Self Confidence Boost 

In order to move on from any relationship, you have to believe in yourself and in new possibilities. This t-shirt reminds you to "live well, do your best, dream new goals, just believe {in yourself}. Give yourself a confidence boost and believe in yourself and your capacity to move on. 




Love Yourself + Queen of Hearts Bag = Putting on your Brave Face 

After a breakup, our instinct is to wallow and not look our best. Here at Padmore we believe in putting on your brave face to venture out into a new day. It's necessary to still dress it up and feel good about yourself. If makeup is your routine, keep doing it, if wearing makeup doesn't make you feel fearless then carry around some inspirational notes for when your day starts weighing on you... both of these options help you put your best self forward. 





Be Adventurous + Adventures Wall Art = New Destinations to Explore

Now, what do adventures have to do with moving on you ask? Well, EVERYTHING! A past relationship is filled with adventures and memories to reminisce over, so instead of wallowing in those, give yourself permission to make NEW memories by exploring other hobbies and likes in your town, in your city, in your neighborhood. If you are feeling extra bold, visit a new place, a new city, a new country! Be adventurous and creative every day, which will lead you to bigger and better adventures. 




Review What Went Wrong + Life Journal = Newfound Revelations for Next Relationship 

This step requires some time but it is necessary so you don't find yourself making the same mistakes in a relationship. You should journal about both good moments and bad moments to give you the perspective that in the end, it was not all bad or all good. The point of this exercise is to come out as a better, stronger partner for your future person. This will help you gain some insight into your patterns, likes and dislikes and wants in a partner. 




BOOKS, BOOKS + more BOOKS = Complete Happiness

Sometimes books are the only way to escape from our fast-paced lives and during the hard times, they are always there for us to use as a distraction.

Solve some mysteries 

Solving mysteries is the perfect way to spend the weeks after a breakup because they allow you to immerse in a different world full of secrets. In the mystery category, these two following books are must reads! 


Figure out how you broke up

Self-reflection is necessary after a breakup so why not tackle that conundrum with some books on your side? These three books will guide you through what you want in future relationships. 


Renew your faith in singleness & feminism 

While society might tell us otherwise, we don't need partners to be complete. Inspire yourself to become an advocate of gender equality while reveling in your newfound singleness by reading these books. 



Throw yourself into your work

Become a force to be reckoned with at work! This will keep you inspired and motivated to get through this tiny rut. Use these books as inspiration to let out your inner boss. 


Have a laugh 

Happiness is directly correlated with a sense of humor so practice some self-love by laughing it up with these two books by amazing women. 


Embrace the possibility of love 

Ah, it's time for the hard part: moving on! Now that you have put a metaphorical band-aid on your love wounds, it is time to take them off and notice that you are healed, that you are all better. This means that you're ready to embrace the possibility of new love and enjoy some sappy romance novels once again!  











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