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This duo surely has reason to be happy


It's all over the news! 

Call Me By Your Name has been cleaning up on the awards circuit so far this season, most recently garnering eight nominations from the Critics’ Choice Awards and three from the Golden Globes — both including Best Picture.

It took awhile to finally get all the parts right to adapt this 2007 book of first love between a young boy of 17 and an older intern staying with his family for the summer at their Italian villa, but once Luca Guadagnino realized he would direct, and a cast came together, he knew it could go beyond just being a story about a gay relationship, but rather something about that first passion you feel for someone, a universal story to which everyone can relate. 


Have you read the book yet? Experience it first hand now. 




Read more of Pete Hammond's interview with the Director and the cast. 


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