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As in a Hop On, Hop Off bus, where you can go sightseeing the treasures of the city, Last Stop on Market Place is about a grandma who uses the regular bus ride to teach her grandson about the treasures inside the bus. 

While reading the book, how about you make a fun activity that will make you want to hope on a bus immediately? 


DIY Pencil Holder That Looks Like School Bus

The people of Playtivities crafted this amazing pencil holder made of an ice cream plastic carton. 


1. Gather your supplies. 

things you will need:

  • empty plastic ice cream box
  • scissors
  • yellow acrylic paint
  • paintbrush 
  • colors (markers)

2. Place the ice cream lid down and cut out wanted shapes of pencil holes with scissors.

3. Color it. First, color the whole box in yellow with acrylic paint. Wait for it to dry.

4. Decorate it to look like a school bus with the markers.



Fun School Bus Sandwich

If you prefer a quiet time while reading the book, how about this snack idea by Kelly Miller from Family Fun Magazine?


  • one slice of bread
  • yellow cheese
  • white cheese
  • grape tomato
  • black olives


  1. Cut a slice of bread (we used pumpernickel) into a rectangle, reserving a strip of crust.
  2. Trim a slice of yellow cheese to fit the bread as shown.
  3. Cut another slice of cheese for the hood.
  4. Use the reserved crust for a fender.
  5. Cut headlights and grill strips from white cheese and set them in place.
  6. Use the pointy end of a grape tomato for each red light.
  7. Slice more tomato into a stop sign and smile.
  8. Finish with black olive tires, trimmed to lie flat, and pupils (we cut ours with a straw).
  9. Now that’s a snack worth stopping for!



This award winner book will inspire you and your kids to not only get around town, but to take some adventures together!


Last Stop on Market Street



Ride Adventure Journal



Ride Adventure Tshirt






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