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Elgort is Back!!! After Divergent and The Fault in Our Stars almost back to back, we had a long wait to see his handsome face on the big screen again in a YA story. But the wait is over... Come November Criminals

Addison Schacht (), a high-school senior in Washington D.C., finds himself investigating the death of one of his classmates. As he stumbles through the Washington, D.C. teenage underworld to investigate the unsolved murder, with the help of Phoebe (), his own life begins to unravel. Sam Munson’s funny, stoner-friendly debut novel, nails the voice of a self-absorbed adolescent during his misguided attempt to discover the truth.

The high school prom didn't turn out so well for Chloe Grace Moretz and Ansel Elgort in Carrie, but they've been given another chance in the movie version of the book November Criminals. 


Munson's novel is nominally a detective story, with Schacht and his sidekick (and bedmate) Digger setting out to solve the murder of a classmate. But the crabwise trajectory of their investigation suggests that the quest is just a framework on which to hang Schacht's energetic soliloquies. Munson is a freewheeling stylist and expert mimic, having installed in his narrator, with dead-on accuracy, the highly developed tragic sense that only an overprivileged 18-year-old can effect without irony. Schacht is often funny, and his voice stays in your head; just because his complaints about the mediocrity of American culture are ineffectual doesn't mean they're wrong, after all, thinks Michael Lindgreen who reviewed the book for the Washington Post back in 2010.

Addison’s best friend Digger is the most likable and intriguing character in the novel, although she too feels somewhat stereotyped as a clever but incurably apathetic teen. If, as a reader, self-indulgent adolescents (think along the lines of The Catcher in the Rye here – though this is a lazy comparison where this book is concerned) don’t bother you, and verbal ticks aren’t a problem either, then give The November Criminals a go, suggests Rebecca Watts.


The film, adapted from Munson's book is directed by Independent Spirit Award-winning filmmaker Sacha Gervasi. From Vertical Entertainment, November Criminals hits theaters on December 8.

Release date: December 8, 2017





November Criminals



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