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"I lived in a world that at any moment could erupt into fire. It was the sort of knowledge that kept you on your toes"

Watch  trailer starring , and Naomi Watts, based on the inspirational best-selling memoir by Jeannette Walls.

In Theaters August 11


The Moment in the Glass Castle Movie That Made Jeannette Walls Cry

The bestselling memoirist opens up to Christine Champagne of Vanity Fair about the award-season-ready adaptation of her book.

“I loved it! I was ecstatic. I knew they’d get it right because I’d been dealing with them so much during the process of making the film, and I knew they were smart, sensitive people,” Walls says of the team that brought her book to the screen.

Like the memoir, the movie dramatizes how the author and her siblings—sisters Lori and Maureen and brother Brian—grew up dirt poor, spending much of their childhood and teen years living in a run-down shack without regular access to water or electricity in the coal-mining town of Welch, West Virginia. Their parents, Rex and Rose Mary Walls, were eccentric dreamers and wonderfully creative; the engineering-minded Rex, who in 1994, had a vision of a glass castle he wanted to build for his family, and Rose Mary was a prolific painter. But they were incapable of providing any sense of normalcy or stability for their kids.

The author never considered writing the screenplay herself. “It is not my medium. It is so different,” she says. “It’s like playing chess—10 different games of chess all at once.”

What works in book form doesn’t always play well on screen, so those who read Walls’s memoir will notice some differences in the movie. (Read more here)

Read the Book First

If you haven't read the book, hurry up, get it today, and read it before the movie. You will not regret it because the language is so rich and the narrative impressive. Check out readers declaring their love for this book.





The Glass Castle





  • Posted On August 02, 2017 by Claire Weissman

    I always wondered how could she forgave her mother for the way she and her siblings were raised. Will definitively go to see the movie, since this is one of my favorite books (recently-read).

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